Gulf Islands National Seashore Second Annual Healthy Parks Healthy People Event

Healthy Parks Healthy People

Superintendent Dan Brown gives opening speech

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 Over 600 people attended Gulf Islands National Seashore's Healthy Parks Healthy People event on Saturday, November 10th at the Davis Bayou Area of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Healthy Parks Healthy People US is a National Park Service initiative working to reintegrate human and environmental health into the mission of public parks and lands.  Gulf Islands National Seashore partnered with health care and wellness providers, outdoor recreation experts, and environmental education professionals from throughout the southeast United States for this special event.  The visitor center hosted free health care screenings such as blood pressure and glucose checks, weight and BMI (Body Mass index) measurements, and more.  Also, the American Red Cross held a blood drive in the visitor center's auditorium to support Hurricane Sandy disaster victims.  A variety of outdoor activities were offered throughout the festival.  These activities were led by local community leaders and included: bird walks by master naturalists; bike rides throughout the park and into the community; exercise dancing and zumba led by fitness organizations; and kayak and pontoon boat rides given by local environmental education agencies.  Furthermore, in order to nurture the lasting effects that this event will have on future generations, Gulf Islands National Seashore celebrated the opening of the Davis Bayou Blueway.  Fifty kayakers joined Superintendent Dan Brown by paddling the new blueway after its dedication.  Although Healthy Parks Healthy People US is based within the National Park Service, the mission coincides not only with national, state, and local parks, but also business innovators, healthcare leaders, scientists, non-profits, and advocacy organizations in order to promote the health benefits that parks and public lands contribute to our society.  For more information on the mission of Healthy Parks Healthy People please visit this website: or call 228-875-9057.