Artist in Residence Program at Marsh Billings Rockefeller NHP has Permanent Studio

Pony Shed Studio

Artist in Residence program studio

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We are excited to announce the completion of a permanent Artist-in-Residence studio at the park. The studio, in the rehabilitated Rockefeller Horse Shed, is off the grid with a vertically integrated 230 watt solar photovoltaic system. The project was designed by SAS Architects of Burlington, Vermont, the same firm who designed the Forest Center, the park's Platinum LEED certified classroom and meeting space. Our partners, the K2Foundation, and the park's previous artists-in-residence were consulted in the design process to address the needs of current and future artists at the park. The Horse Shed, designed by Theodor Muller and built in 1961, was originally constructed to house Mary Rockefeller's horses.