Keys Catalog of Library Materials Opens Digital Door to Online Researchers

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This summer, San Francisco Maritime NHP launched the Keys Catalog of Library materials.  Researchers now have access to records of all the cataloged holdings of the Library with live links to available electronic editions.  Keys also contains a growing number of records for archival collections that link to expanded collection descriptions, digital media, and more at the Online Archive of California.  Logins and passwords are freely available to anyone and allow access to Keys' social media features such as list creation and sharing, record tagging, and social media integration with sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Purchase suggestions may be made from any page, with or without a login, but if you have a login, you will receive live updates on the status of your suggestion.  With support and hosting from ByWater Solutions, the catalog is powered by Koha, the first developed open-source integrated library system.  Koha is an enterprise-class library system in use worldwide and is developed by a growing community of collaborating libraries.