Montana Range Days

Students learning about rangeland ecology.

Students learning about rangeland ecology.

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More than 178 K-12 students from Montana and Wyoming learned about rangeland ecology at the 36th annual Montana Range Days Program held in June 2012.  The Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic site served as the practice site for the Program hosted by the Deer Lodge Valley Conservation District.   While at the historic site, instructors from Montana State University and the Natural Resources Conservation Service helped students learn about basic plant anatomy, identification of common rangeland vegetation, geology, climate, and animal life associated with local rangelands.  Students spent portions of two days combing over the native upland range site honing their range ecology skills before moving to a competition site where there skills were put to the test.

Montana Range Days began in 1976 as a range education event to teach youth and adults about proper management of range and other natural resources.  Montana Range Days, sponsored by ranchers, natural resource agency personnel, and the Northern Ag Network, is currently the premier range education event in Montana.  Instructors continually revise the curriculum in order to present up-to-date, practical information.  In 1972, Congress established the Grant-Kohrs Ranch "…to provide an understanding of the frontier cattle era of the Nation's history, to preserve the Grant-Kohrs Ranch, and to interpret the nationally significant values thereof…"  The park was pleased to partner with the Montana Range Days program and provide an educational opportunity to connect students to the range resource that formed the backbone of the site's history.