Dual Immersion Academy 2nd Graders Explore Colorado National Monument

Student Hiking

DIA 2nd Graders on a hike down the historic Serpents Trail in Colorado National Monument.

NPS/Annie Runde

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A Class Act
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Live and Learn
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To kick-off the program, rangers have been visiting the students in their classroom each month for curriculum-based, hands-on environmental education programs. In addition, the students visited the park on a fieldtrip for a ranger-led hike and activities in October. Three more trips to the park are planned for the spring including a picnic for the students and their families at the end of the year. DIA is a dual-immersion elementary school, which means the students receive instruction in English for half of the day and in Spanish for half of the day. To accommodate this unique educational structure, rangers will be taking Spanish classes to be able to increase their Spanish language skills and eventually instruct in Spanish during classroom visits and field trips. This program reaches a diverse student audience that would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit the park. COLM is excited to provide new, innovative community outreach such as the Class Act program in preparation for the National Park Service Centennial.