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Artist Patricia Cummins puts nature on canvas

Artist Patricia Cummins puts nature on canvas

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This year's summer season welcomed some new faces and old friends. Some of the new faces included accomplished artists Patricia Rottino Cummins and Pearl Lau, painting out in the site's lush landscape and interacting with visitors during the Lotus and Lily Festival. Rain or shine, the artists continued to paint or draw alfresco for another two weeks after the festival, culminating in a captivating closing show, Lotus, Lilies, and Longevity on August 3, 2012. The artists also were instrumental in establishing a new series of monthly Arts Afire workshops with both children and adults. While Ms. Lau is a newcomer to creating in national parks, Ms. Cummins is not. Ms. Cummins has been a featured artist at 9 national parks, including Biscayne, Hot Springs, Mesa Verde, and Voyagers National Parks.


This was the park's first effort to establish a "Guest Artist Program". Participation is encouraged from both the Washington D.C. community as well as nationally. The park is working with partners to support the artists during their time in the program. The park also hopes to expand the venues where the program's art will be shown.