Volunteers Help During Civil War Trust Park Day 2012

2012 Civil War Trust Park Day Volunteers

2012 Civil War Trust Park Day Volunteers at Chickamauga Battlefield


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Civil War Trust Park Day 2012 was a great success. On Saturday, March 31, 68 volunteers contributed nearly 250 hours on work projects at Chickamauga Battlefield, Moccasin Bend National Archeological District, and Lookout Mountain Battlefield. Projects included washing cast iron tablets, removing invasive undergrowth and deadfall, maintaining historic earthworks, and doing spring cleaning at Cravens House. College students and youth were actively recruited to encourage future stewardship of the park. One young participant has since returned to the park and proudly commented on the work he did cleaning historic iron tablets. Several local TV stations, websites, and newspapers advertised and covered the event. No injuries were reported and the park completed several deferred maintenance projects. The volunteers enjoyed the projects having gained a new appreciation for the park.