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Group photo of volunteers on the beach

Volunteers from the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln pose for a group photo on the beach.

Fort Monroe Authority

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Take a Hike, Call Me in the Morning
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Eat Well and Prosper
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 “…the health of the environment, the health of our parks, and human health are interconnected; each cannot thrive without the others.”

Fort Monroe National Monument celebrates its two-year anniversary November 1, 2013. Fort Monroe is the first of the National Monuments (NM) established by President Obama under the authorities granted by the Antiquities Act of 1906. Fort Monroe NM is charged with promoting and protecting historical, natural, and recreational resources. Seated at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay this park is also the anchor of the Captain John Smith National Historical Trail. With over 400 years of history connected to early colonial life, the quest for freedom and defense of the Nation, visitors are discovering recreation and enjoyment in the rich cultural and natural landscapes Fort Monroe has to offer. The services and programs at the site are a shining example of cooperative management and collaboration. Ranked high in the values of park leadership are key initiatives:  Healthy Parks Healthy People and Call to Action Goals: #6 Take a Hike Call Me in the Morning and #8 Eat Well and Prosper.

Collaborate: The National Park Service (NPS) and Fort Monroe Authority (FMA) kicked off the Fort Monroe Volunteer Corps in 2012, engaging residents of Fort Monroe and members of the Hampton Roads community in welcoming visitors to the Casemate Museum and keeping the numerous beaches beautiful for the past year. Among the beach stewards are hundreds of sailors stationed at the Norfolk Naval Yard on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln who kept the beaches clear of litter and completed light beach grooming this summer. Their tireless efforts created litter free enjoyment for swimmers, kayakers, and sun bathers all summer and reduced pollutants in the watershed. Would you like to help keep Fort Monroe beautiful like the amazing USS Lincoln VIP's? Join us October 12th for the 2013 International Coastal Cleanup in partnership with the NPS, FMA, and the City of Hampton. 

Thrive: Key to the success of the park’s goals, are opportunities for recreation and healthy eating. Four key partners in providing healthy refueling include the Chamberlin Bistro, Colonies RV & Travel Park, the Marina Café, and Paradise Ocean Club & Bay Breeze Conference Center. Eating well and being active started with the park staff in 2013 with Fort Monroe NM Athletics - NPS staff, residents, and visitors can’t resist the opportunity to walk, jog, and bike 4 miles along the seawall on the Chesapeake Bay. The fun is just getting started!  The Peninsula YMCA Summer Camp added kayak lessons to their second summer at Fort Monroe- putting to use an ADA compliant kayak launch recently installed on Mill Creek through a matching grant awarded to FMA by the Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Trails program. The YMCA is a welcome partner in making history, nature, and recreation available to multiple audiences, especially youth. Opportunities abound in this partnership with the NPS, FMA, residents, and the caring public who share in keeping the park and people healthy. Visit us at to learn more about events and programs.