Your Park! Your Health!

The 2013 Your Park Your Health crew

The 2013 Your Park Your Health crew

Sheridan Roberts

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Your Park! Your Health!has its roots in a 2011 partnership and outreach effort by the American Heart Association and NPS to encourage healthy habits for latinos under the heart associations'Tu Corazon Latino' campaign.  

Your Park! Your Health!since its first year has trained over 30 college-aged interns, able to speak over 12 different languages, as trusted advocates for Gateway National recreation area. Those students have usedsocial media, direct outreach and targeted marketing techniques to encourage visitation by diverse urban audiences, and to share the message that national parks are places for adventure, personal growth and healthy living.

Through our Lets' Go! Activities, including bicycle treks, camping, kayaking, discovery hikes, and orienteering challenges,Your Park! Your Health!interns have lead recreation based adventures and environmental stewardship opportunities reaching over 2,000 local residents.  

See more of Your Park! Your Health! in action in a video produced by the National Parks Conservation Association at