SEAC checked the condition of over 100 archeological sites in 7 parks

Archeological Work at CALO

SEAC archeologists record eroding sites at Cape Lookout National Seashore

Guy Prentice, NPS

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Over the course of the FY 2012 year, SEAC staff visited over 100 archeological sites in 7 parks in the Southeast Region to assess their current conditions. Archeological sites are inspected closely for any evidence of recent or on-going deterioration as a result of natural forces such as shoreline erosion resulting from sea level rise, or human activities such as illegal digging for relics. The results of these site inspections are then entered into the National Park Service's Archeological Site Management Information System (ASMIS), where the information is accessible to park, regional, and national cultural resource management staff, who use the data to help ensure that the historical heritage is preserved. These studies quantify the nature of the threats and disturbances, identify appropriate protective or mitigation measures to counter their negative effects, and prioritize preservation efforts for significant resources at risk.