Blues in the Knob: A National Park Service Centennial Even on Orchard Knob in Chattan

Blues music played during Blues in the Knob

Visitors to Orchard Knob listen as bands play the blues.

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On Saturday, September 10, Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, the Orchard Knob Neighborhood Association, and the Friends of the Park partnered to provide "Blues in the Knob," the fifth of six centennial celebrations within the national military park. At 5 pm, blues music started with Billy Hardwick: Zulu Speaks, followed by Power Players, Drew Sterchi Blues Tribe, and ending with Deaconbluz and the Holysmoke Band, featuring Dr. Clark White (Friends of the Park member and former resident of the Orchard Knob neighborhood). As the event came to a close at 10 pm, park employees from all divisions welcomed a total of 347 visitors to Orchard Knob Reservation and helped them "Find THEIR Park" that is right in their own back yards.