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Andrew Johnson living history performer speaks to school children

Andrew Johnson living history performer speaks to school children

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In the spring of 2013, Tennessee unveiled its list of top performing and most improved schools in the state. 17 schools are located in Northeast Tennessee and 2 of those schools are in the community of Greeneville- home of President Andrew Johnson. Staff at Andrew Johnson NHS joined in on the school assembly to celebrate this success. Park guide, Daniel Luther, and Chief of Education, Jennifer Pierce, performed a skit for the students to parallel the lifelong successes of Andrew Johnson with the success of the students. Andrew Johnson, having no formal education rose from the ranks of self- employed tailor to the President of the United States. As Daniel Luther portrayed Andrew Johnson to the students, he spoke of their potential in the top performing Tusculum Elementary school. "You are experiencing something I never had" said Luther as Johnson, "a helping hand in your young school career". Tusculum Elementary participates in many of the educational programs offered at the park site. This was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the students, teachers and administrators of this school and connect story of Andrew Johnson NHS.