Glacier Bay: Coming To A Classroom Near YOU!

Students in Virginia enjoy a virtual visit to Glacier Bay, Alaska

Students in Virginia enjoy a virtual visit to Glacier Bay with Ranger Steve


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For the past three years, Glacier Bay has been connecting with youth from around the world using teleconferencing equipment. This past year, the park has upgraded their system by purchasing a new Polycom HDX 8000 unit. Standing in front of a green screen, this new unit allows a park ranger to appear on top of a second video source (Power Point, video) at the same time. The effect is similar to a weather newscast on television, and allows us to provide fun, interactive Glacier Bay experiences for distant classrooms. Students can learn about Glacier Bay wildlife, history, and even take a virtual trip into the heart of Glacier Bay to experience the sights, sounds, and glaciers of this magnificent place. 

Using this technology, in 2013 Glacier Bay reached 1,300 students in the classrooms in 15 states! The program has continued to grow with new program offerings and expanded venues. In 2014, Glacier Bay provided 75 programs to over 2,500 21 states!  Last year, in 2014, we provided programs In addition, we brought the wonders of Glacier Bay to a variety of Senior Centers, Children's Hospitals, and special groups.

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