Common Core and the Confederacy: Summer Workshop for Teachers

Teacher attend a summer workshop

Teachers learn about the impacts of the Civil War on their community

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40 local teachers from East Tennessee attended summer workshops hosted by Andrew Johnson National Historic Site in 2013. This year's theme was "Common Core and the Confederacy of Greeneville".  East Tennessee was a divided region during the Civil War; families fought their own wars at home when sons pledged allegiance to both the Union and the Confederacy. Residents of Greeneville saw their own town change hands multiple times as soldiers fought and travelled through the area. Teachers witnessed the impact of the Confederacy on Greeneville as staff presented the theme using living history techniques and primary resources such as journal entries to tell this significant story. The new national standards for Common Core were incorporated in the organization of this workshop's agenda to ensure teachers received effective teaching materials as well as workshop credit from their school administrators.