Tween Extreme – Movie Makers at Colorado National Monument

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During summer 2012, a new innovative teen (Tweens) component was added to the park's Junior Ranger Summer Explorer Day Camp for underserved local youth. In partnership with the City of Grand Junction's Parks and Recreation STARS Tween Extreme Camp, students entering 6-8th grades, spent one day per week for 8 weeks at Colorado National Monument. The overall all theme of the program was making movies in the monument. Tweens learned about park resources through a variety of activities including hikes, driving tours, meeting resource specialists and an adventurous day safely repelling off cliffs. Tweens were equipped each day with digital cameras to document their summer experiences.  The access to the university's computer lab and tweens were able to learn how to edit their own movies using iMovie software.  The Tweens' movies were posted on the park's For Teens webpage.  The movie making theme of this new camp engaged Tweens, allowed them to learn new skills and provided opportunity for a greater appreciation and understanding of park resources. This camp also involved youth in creating new expressions of the park experience through a youthful perspectives using new technologies. This program was made possible from the NPS' Youth Partnership Program and Youth Internship Program funding sources.