Historic Santa Fe Trail retraced by Visiting Boy Scouts and Local Community

Boys in red shirts sit on a lawn, a speaker stands at a podium in a green uniform and straw hat.

Philmont Scout Ranch staff and SAFE Superintendent Aaron Mahr cut the ribbon on the new segment of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail.


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On May 29, 2013 at the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico, the ranch held a ribbon-cutting event to celebrate the opening of a new four mile retracement segment of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail (NHT). The trail links the Philmont Ranch to the Village of Cimarron, an important historic trail community. Over 1,000 seasonal Philmont staff members were present, as well as local historic trail enthusiasts and National Trails Intermountain Region (NTIR) staff.

The Philmont Ranch constructed the trail as a pedestrian and bicycling link to the village from the center of the ranch, and partnered with NTIR to sign the route as a retracement trail of the Santa Fe NHT. Thousands of scouts from all over the country visit the ranch annually to experience this significant natural and cultural landscape through outdoor activities, and use the local segment of the national historic trail on a daily basis during their stays at the ranch headquarters. The trail is used regularly for recreation, fitness, and transportation by the Cimarron community. Once used by wagon trains and traders, and today by Boy Scouts and high school cross country teams, the Santa Fe NHT continues to play an important role in life in the greater Cimarron area.