Fourth-graders learn – and perform – the story of Maggie L. Walker

Minds in Motion – MAWA

On stage, approximately 1,400 4th grade students told Maggie L. Walker’s inspiring story

Richmond Ballet

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In May 2012, the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site partnered with the Richmond Ballet to engage school-aged children in an innovative arts program, Minds in Motion, which used performing arts to communicate the story of Walker's life and legacy. Through Minds in Motion, the Ballet worked with 4th grade students in 18 Richmond area schools, teaching them some of Walker's most important traits: discipline, dedication, and self-awareness. The students were led through a series of choreographic movements to deliver a unique ballet program entitled "Banking on a Dream: The Maggie L. Walker Story." As part of the partnership, the students took field trips to the park and toured Mrs. Walker's home to connect with the resources there in a personal way. The culminating event was a final performance at the Arthur Ashe Center on May 5th and 6th. Approximately 1,400 students participated in the program over the two days and 10,000 audience members attended.