Boca Chita Lighthouse Scrolls Replacement, Biscayne N.P.

Boca Chita Key Lighthouse

Boca Chita Key Lighthouse

Matt Johnson

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One of the many facets of managing cultural resources is preserving the feel and historical fabric of a site, building or district. While Biscayne National Park personnel strive to conserve original features as much as possible, at times such features need to be replaced. The decorative iron scrolls at the Boca Chita Key pavilion are one such example; the marine environment has corroded them beyond repair, despite the park's best efforts to protect them. Graciously, the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association donated their time, materials and expertise to duplicate the original scrolls. The replacement scrolls are being installed on the island. Visitors have an opportunity to learn about blacksmithing and what went into producing these decorative elements that will restore the original feel of the pavilion and district.