Chaco Staff Partner with Santa Ana Pueblo to Introduce Pueblo Youth to Chaco

Santa Ana Elders

Santa Ana Elders

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During the summer of 2012 Chaco Culture NHP staff collaborated with the Pueblo of Santa Ana elders and teachers, located near the town of Bernalillo, New Mexico, in an educational project.  The program brought sixty pueblo youth to the park for several days.  Their focus was the hydrologic cycle in the semi-arid lands of the southwest and how it has changed in the last thousand years. They met and interacted with park interpreters, researchers, an archaeologist, and geologist.  Their time at the park also gave the students an opportunity to study their own culture by investigating the cultural heritage passed onto them from the legacy of their ancestors who have inhabited the area for the past millennium.  While here the park staff, the students and teachers experienced a productive exchange of ideas as each group shared what was important to them in relationship to the environment of this special place.