Centennial Partnership Celebrates New Horizons for Class of 2016 and NPS

High school seniors and park rangers gather in a museum.

Bloomfield High School students and park rangers gather to mark the opening of a new chapter in a historic setting at Salmon Ruins. NPS Photo.

Danielle York

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 On Monday, April 18th, Aztec Ruins celebrated the culmination of a four-year-long "Class Act" partnership with Bloomfield High School. As these seniors take the next step of their journey, Aztec Ruins shared some local Site Steward training, to highlight opportunities for area-wide stewardship opportunities of ancestral Pueblo sites both within and outside of NPS lands. "Salmon Ruins", a local privately owned historic site and Site Stewardship agency, hosted this gathering. Both past and present Site Steward directors happened to be onsite to interact during this presentation time. Friends of Aztec Ruins supported the event by providing a pizza and cake lunch through local small businesses to mark the occasion.