House of Many Stories

Actors in costumes from the Hohokam era stand in a circle in front of the Superstition Mountains

A Scene From the New Park Film


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For many years the park film at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument was a cobbled together production featuring archeologists and a few quotes from a Native American park ranger who worked at the site. The new park movie, titled House of Many Stories, uses interviews with archeologists, park staff, and Native Americans from several different traditionally associated tribes to give a new context for what the Casa Grande is and how it was used in the past. Native American points of view were often ignored or misrepresented in exhibits, publications, and film productions. This new movie not only gives multiple perspectives but uses more inclusive language and corrects a few past errors in understanding. Native American park visitors are finding the movie and the park more inclusive of their history. The film is a high definition visual treat with surround sound, open captioning, and available receivers for audio description and hearing assist broadcasts.