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Dr. Bruce Winders addresses the crowd.

Dr. Bruce Winders addresses the crowd.


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In an effort to clear up historical misunderstandings and correct some popular myths, in May 2012 Palo Alto Battlefield Hosted a series of "Mythbuster" seminars. The park invited four respected history professionals from around the State of Texas to address areas of misconception. In two, day-long sessions, Dr. Jerry Thompson, Dr. Stanley Green, Dr. Bruce Winders, and Dr. Armando covered a wide range of topics from early Spanish settlement of Texas to current claims that Texas can leave the United States whenever it chooses. In the process, they touched on questions about land titles, the Civil War, the men who fought in the U.S.-Mexican War, and even the correct name for the Rio Grande.

An audience of more than 150 people, mostly high school teachers, attended the lively sessions in person. The program was also aired online by the Texas Education Association (TEA) to allow a broader spread of information. The TEA also produced a DVD of the symposium, for Texas educators unable to watch the program live. With the active participation of the Brownsville Independent School District over 120 teachers earned continuing education credit for their attendance.