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The Timucuan Preserve entered the social media age early. In 2007, staff members started a Facebook page that has grown substantially over the years. The park went digital with Twitter early during the NPS beta testing with the fire community. What started as a way to advise visitors, neighbors and park staff of immediate concerns has evolved into a means of keeping the public interested and connected with the park. This year we have had over 23,000 virtual contacts. Park staff continues to add to the on-line library of curriculum materials, which now hosts over 30 different lesson plans, covering history, science, math and writing. New this year were the Compass Scavenger Hunt activity and Ranger Dress Up Station developed specifically for groups that rangers were unable to personally lead. Through Facebook and Twitter the park connects with thousands of visitors each year. The type of material posted has changed over the years and now includes interpretive material, museum item of the week, pertinent historic events, safety tips, facility closure notices, and much more. In an effort to further link visitors to the park, even after their physical visit was over, QR codes were introduced. These digital devices were placed throughout the park and were linked to the NPS website and social media outlets. One example is a QR code, which links to a site to help track Painted Bunting sightings within the preserve. These QR codes also allow interpretive materials to be available at the most remote park sites. Through technology TIMU is reaching park visitors who may never get a chance to see a park ranger in person. For more information, please contact: Barbara Goodman, Superintendent,