Healthy History Program

Students racing to learn

Students involved in an activity, which simulated the building of a Timucua hut.

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Ticket to Ride
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The park collaborated with the National Park Foundation, via a grant from their Ticket to Ride initiative, to fund transportation costs for students to visit a National Park. The students experienced history while also learning to engage in healthy physical activity. The program itself is unique in that it combines health and history. The program compares the lifestyles of the 16th century Timucua people and French colonists at Fort Caroline. Students learn history as well as develop a healthier lifestyle. The students were given a pedometer at the beginning of the program to keep, so that they are able to keep track of how much they walked. The students compared the Timucua people's physical activity levels and their food options with those of today's sedentary lifestyle. The goals of this program were to provide opportunities for students to experience the park, learn about the cultures that once lived here, and recognize examples of healthy snack options and the benefits of physical activity. The pedometer was a creative and fun way to enhance the student's math skills, but utilizing a gadget also kept up their interest level in healthy active pursuits. For more information, please contact: Barbara Goodman, Superintendent