2nd Graders Experience History Through the Actions of Park Rangers

Park Ranger conducting program at Goodyear Elementary

Ranger Ted Johnson conducting two programs on the Cultures of Georgia

Goodyear Elementary

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Fort Frederica has been presenting in-school programs to the 2nd graders of Goodyear Elementary School for over a year now.  The presentations have been curriculum-based and focused on Georgia History.  One such example is shown in the above photo.  Ranger Ted Johnson conducted a two part interactive program on how different cultures utilized music.  Part 1 "About the Beat", Ranger Johnson demonstrated on an English military drum as well as Native and African percussion instruments.  The children were involved by clapping their hands and stomping their feet in the Gullah/Geechee tradition.

Part 2 "Sing Out" focused on documenting the many ways various cultural groups in Georiga communicated/expressed themselves through vocal music.  Ranger Johnson led the class through various sing-a-longs that exemplified various uses of vocal music, from the British soldiers' rousing "British Grendiers" battle song, to Native ceremonial vocalizations, to Aftrican American chidren's tuneful tauntings.  Johnson finished the program by singing both a devotional and mournful Negro Spiritual that brought the session to a quiet contemplative close.