Historic Restaurant Serves Up Sustainability

The demonstration wind turbine in operation alongside the Cliff House and its adjacent gift shop.

The demonstration wind turbine in operation alongside the Cliff House and its adjacent gift shop.


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Eat Well and Prosper
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Go Green
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Park partner, The Cliff House, is an elegant restaurant perched on Golden Gate National Recreation Area's San Francisco coast.  In addition to serving delicious food and drink, The Cliff House exemplifies many of the values inherent in the Eat Well and Prosper and Go Green Call to Action items.

The partner's dedication to health and sustainability is reflected in both its menu and operations. Organic, local suppliers are used whenever possible.  Cage free eggs and organic produce such as heirloom tomatoes and beans are common ingredients found in menu items. Two years ago, the partner switched to using high quality rice bran cooking oil. The oil is MO free, has no trans-fats, and any residual oil is delivered to companies that convert it to biofuel.  During the restaurant's latest renovation, staff implemented a number of new upgrades to improve energy efficiency. New on demand water heaters and hoods were installed and all lights were replaced with LED light bulbs. Even trash has been included in this partner's greening efforts.  Since deciding to sort waste into three bins (trash, recycling and compost), the restaurant has reduced its trash by a tremendous 80%. Most recently, The Cliff House installed a new wind turbine that is expected to generate enough energy to run the adjacent gift shop.  The turbine was designed specifically to minimize noise, interference with wildlife, and impact to the surrounding viewshed.         

General Manager, Ralph Burgin, sums it up well, "Our goals match those of the National Park Service… we want to see a better tomorrow and every step in the right direction is a good start."