Get Outdoors Under the Gateway Arch

Crowd at the Great Outdoors event held on the Arch grounds

People visit boothes for health information and fitness activities during Get Outdoors on the Arch grounds.


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A Call to Action
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Take a Hike, Call Me in the Morning
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Eat Well and Prosper
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Get Outdoors Under the Gateway Arch On Saturday, June 9th, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial celebrated National Get Outdoors Day by hosting Get Outdoors Under the Gateway Arch.  The goal of the event was promote outdoor activities, healthy lifestyles and healthy food.  This was accomplished by hosting morning fitness classes, providing orientation to outdoor activities, and health awareness information.  The park also premiered four banner designs on the Gateway Arch grounds encouraging people to use the park grounds for healthy activities. Over 6,300 people attended the event. The day started with a morning fitness Boot Camp class hosted by the St. Louis Sports Commission and USA Gymnastics, in conjunction with the VISA Championships occurring in the city.  The event was the third in a series of morning fitness classes and it was emceed by Olympic gymnast John Macready.  Additional classes throughout the day provided an orientation to yoga, Pilates, tai chi and bicycling. Information and activity booths lined the walkway under the Gateway Arch providing activities to orient children to fishing, bicycle safety and climbing as well as organizations that provide these opportunities, such as the Girl Scouts.  Information for adults included healthy lifestyles, healthy foods and gardening.  One of the favorite exhibitors was the World Bird Sanctuary who brought a hawk, a falcon and two owls to help educate people about birds.  Get Outdoors was such a great success that the park is already planning the second annual Get Outdoors Under the Gateway Arch for next June.  This event, morning fitness and the banner designs are part of the park's efforts under the Call to Action goals Take a Hike, Call Me in the Morning and Eat Well and Prosper.