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Composting operations at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller

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At Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP we produce two types of compost - an organic material we generate from, grass clipping, leaves, and garden waste; and a coarse mulch material we generate from woody material like tree branches, twigs, and coarse shrub waste. Most of our efforts go into producing organic compost generated from grass clippings, leaves, and garden waste.  This is used primarily for lawn rejuvenation, reseeding, as a soil additive for all types of planting, and in the gardens as a soil additive. 

Grass clipping, leaves and garden waste are brought to the compost area where they are sent through a grinder and spread into a long thin windrow. Over the next year or so we will turn the windrow a couple of times. Then the materials is re-ground and discharged into a power screen, that discharges the screened material into either a manure spreader to be spread on the lawns, or into the back of a truck or gator to be used as a soil additive for planting or garden maintenance.   We generate between 25 - 30 cubic yards a year. The woody material is sent through a wood chipper (an attachment with our tractor), and used as a coarse mulch in our tree nursery (an area the public does not see).