Park Commemorates Sesquicentennial of the Red River Campaign

Joseph McGill

Joseph McGill tells visitors about the slave dwelling project.


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 To commemorate the Red River Campaign, Cane River Creole NHP hosted an academic round table and living history event. The May 2nd round table featured presentations from scholars, museum professionals, and local historians. The presentations highlighted different aspects of the campaign from the perspectives of the soldiers, planter class, civilian, and enslaved populations. NPS chief historian Robert Sutton was the round table's keynote speaker.

On May 3 the park hosted a living history event at the Magnolia plantation unit. This event featured various demonstrations and speakers. Joseph McGill from the slave dwelling project was a featured guest. As part of the event, McGill, park staff, and volunteers spent the night in one of the Magnolia slave cabins. For more information on the slave dwelling project visit: