Visitors get to Boat on the Bayou

A park ranger interprets bayou dynamics to visitors in a boat on the water.

A park ranger interprets bayou dynamics.


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 In the fall of 2015, Gulf Islands National Seashore began a program allowing visitors to participate on guided small boat tours through the beautiful waters of a Mississippi bayou. Accompanied by experienced park rangers and volunteer guides, visitors are now able to get a firsthand look at nature in action while learning the importance of bayous which usually was interpreted on land. Providing a water-bourne opportunity for the public to experience the rich biodiversity and unique soundscapes of this dynamic habitat has proved to be a very successful and popular new program. A diverse public audience has been able to take part in adventuring to places within the park that used to be generally inaccessible to the greater public. Through this program, visitors are able to be closer to the park’s bayou mystique than ever before.