Saguaro National Park Work Unit Surveys (W.U.S.)

Saguaro National Park’s Work Unit Survey

Saguaro National Park’s Work Unit Survey

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Saguaro National Park implemented a "Work Unit Survey" as part of the Operational Leadership Implementation Plan that all employees and their supervisors discuss together at the mid-season and end-of season performance evaluations. The 38-question survey has two primary goals. First, it provides employees and supervisors an opportunity to communicate about the workplace environment, employee satisfaction, and our safety culture. The survey also provides a metric that we can use to help measure the success of our Operational Leadership Implementation Program, assisting us to identify areas of improvement both within our work units and park wide. The survey evaluates effective leadership, understanding of park and agency direction, park priorities and operational objectives, stress and performance, ability to participate in decision-making, and effectiveness of communication between supervisors and employees. The Work Unit Surveys are collected at the end of the fiscal year, and the park-wide results are tallied and presented to the staff to assess areas of success and areas for improvement.