Grand Canyon School's Class of 2016

Grand Canyon School's class of 2016 pose for a group photo - 18 individuals

Grand Canyon School's Class of 2016 pose for a group photo.

NPS photo by Suzan Pearce

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In establishing an ongoing relationship with Grand Canyon School's 9th grade class this school year, the park's environmental educators hope to cultivate in the students a deep understanding of the park's resources and the national park system through fun, educational, and engaging activities. Last fall, the students began this journey by becoming active in the School to Work program.  This program helps students learn about Grand Canyon's native plants, ecosystems, and the role of the NPS vegetation program in preserving and protecting native plants. Students then use this knowledge to conduct field work and collect vegetative transect data, with the students year-long efforts culminating in a restoration planting.

This spring, park educators began to bring in other NPS staff as guest speakers to help the students learn more about park resources and issues. By May, students will begin developing their ideas for a long-term service learning project that will culminate at their high school graduation in 2016, the NPS

Centennial. By next school year, the class will begin working on their selected project, mentoring younger grades along the way. As graduation approaches, the class will also present about their stewardship efforts with the greater community.  It is hoped that, through these experiences, the students will head out to their future with not only a high school diploma, but with a profound awareness of the relevance of parks in their lives. Perhaps a few will even seek careers in the NPS.