Flagstaff Area Monuments Awarded America’s Best Idea Grant

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Connecting With The Resource


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Partnered with Willow Bend Environmental Education Center and the Flagstaff Unified School District, the Flagstaff Area National Monuments (FLAG) has been awarded a $15,000 America's Best Idea Grant from the National Park Foundation.  The project will provide environmental educational opportunities for local under-served youth through in-classroom programs, field trips to the monuments, a service learning project, and family science days. The project will fund two local Teacher-Ranger-Teacher positions for the summer of 2013, bus costs for transportation to the monuments, programming props and materials, and more. 

All programming will be centered on the topic of past and present sustainable practices, as well as the FLAG Monuments recent achievement of Climate Friendly Park status. Through this grant, we hope to strengthen our relationship with local schools and teachers, as well as expand our education outreach beyond the funding period to continue to provide opportunities for youth to utilize the FLAG Monuments as outdoor classrooms.