Let's Move Outside and into Our Parks!

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Pinnacles National Monument, in partnership with Central Coast YMCA held it's first annual Let's Move Outside program in the neighboring cities of Soledad, Greenfield, King City, and Gonzales. Let's Move Outside, initiated by First Lady Michelle Obama, is designed to promote an active lifestyle in America's Great Outdoors. This late July, SCA Jr. Ranger Ambassador Lupe Zaragoza visited the communities and presented various activities such as Capture the Flag, Camouflage, a relay race and an obstacle course. The participants got 3 hours of physical activity without knowing it. From their perspective they were just playing. The activities were targeted towards "low income" and at "risk youth" living in CHISPA Communities (Community Housing Improvement Systems and Planning Association, Inc), a non-profit housing development whose mission is to provide affordable housing and build healthy communities. After generating excitment for getting outside and exploring for fun, the community participants and their families were invited to a
moonlight hike led by park staff and will be in both Spanish and English. "My hope is to expose the predominantly Hispanic community to outdoor recreation in Pinnacles National Monument, a national park site practically in their backyard. As a Hispanic, I know hiking and camping is not something that one is traditionally exposed to but it is a great way to get physical activity, bond with family and friends, and learn about nature. The sooner we expose our young people to outdoor adventures the sooner they can start being part of it. " says Zaragoza. This ranger led hike included a short hike to the Balconies Cave Junction and back. Hikers learned about the changes that take place between day and night and ethical hiking practices.