Samoan Youth Experience Their National Park through Field Trips and Programs

Photo of elementary students using binoculars to watch native birds.

Students from Alataua Elementary use binoculars to watch and learn about the native birds.


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The National Park of American Samoa works closely with over 40 schools, on five islands, throughout this United States Territory. Youth from K-12 are taken on field trips to learn first-hand the importance of their natural environment. In-class programs provide students with additional opportunities to explore the vastness and uniqueness of their island world. The majority of the over 7,000 Samoan youth reached during the 2011-2012 school year never knew that a national park existed in their backyard or what an important role they can take to protect and preserve it. Students have also been engaged by personally making a difference in their environment by addressing the trash issue by participating in clean-up events.

The national park will continue to provide opportunities to reach all of the 30,000+ students throughout the islands.