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An upright orientation exhibit near a granite staircase

Orientation at Moro Rock and other park trailheads offers clear warnings, historical views, and a trail description for those contemplating the adventure.

NPS/Marcy Frazier

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Orientation, interpretation, and safety information increased dramatically in quality and availability this year, thanks to investments in updating and upgrading dozens of wayside exhibits throughout the parks:

  • Over 30 trailhead panels now display consistent safety information and maps.
  • Resource protection messages sound out loud and clear at improved exhibits along trails, at trailheads, and at picnic areas.
  • Twelve shuttle information panels make it easier for visitors to use the system.
  • Older, difficult-to-maintain exhibit bases were replaced with 18 graffiti-resistant bases that also meet accessibility measurements.
  • Some of the orientation panels are bilingual, helping our many Spanish-speaking visitors to navigate the park safely.

These panels serve visitors 24 hours a day with beautiful, consistent designs and accurate information.