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Petroglyph's 2012 YIP Summer Interns

Petroglyph's 2012 YIP Summer Interns- Drew, Margaret and Brigitte


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New Mexico
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Using funds from the Youth In Partnership (YIP), three college students were hired to create Youtube videos about each of the 13 National Park Units in New Mexico. They learned to use video and computer editing equipment and then researched each park, learning in depth about the varied resources.  They then visited each park, shot high definition video, interviewed each other and  park staff, wrote and recorded scripts and edited and captioned the videos for posting on Youtube.  Each student took a different perspective, sometimes interested in the architecture, the native lifestyle or the migratory species. In two months, they traveled hundreds of miles, met other NPS employees and were able to fully understand each park's cultural and natural resources. Their goal was to reach out to their peers in such a way as to get them to visit the parks.

When not focused on the videos they learned about interpretation from PETR staff, helped lead educational hikes and assisted with evening programs.  They also participated in the Annular Eclipse event and provided park orientation at the visitor center desk. In the end, they learned not only about each park but became conversant in the actual mission of the NPS.