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Women’s Rights National Historical Park is now improving residents’ awareness of the natural and cultural resources right here in their back yard that can easily be viewed from the water. Guided kayak tours are being offered in the month of September to help connect people with their national park. The paddles last for about two and a half hours and travel through the scenic waterways with a historic backdrop of the village that hosted the first Women’s Rights Convention.  Many sights and historic structures that are not visible from the roads of the Finger Lakes can be explored by water. The rangers are leading tours through the Cayuga-Seneca Canal, into Van Cleef Lake, and then aiding in paddlers navigation of locks 2 and 3. 

The kayak tours are a great way for kayakers of all levels to get out and experience the beautiful Finger Lakes region during the late summer. “The main focus of our tours is to simply get people out on the water. Once people are on the water they can fully understand the connectedness of this region and the countless places to explore by kayak”, said Ranger Jeff Teeter. The tour is designed to accommodate both advanced kayakers as well as beginners. Members of the Central New York Paddlers Club who have been kayaking for nearly every weekend for the past 5 years experienced the tour, as well as some first time kayakers. Many kayakers have expressed interest in planning more extensive trips now that the National Park Service had shown them how to navigate the locks on the canal system. With the help of park service rangers, many visitors now have a clearer understanding of where to launch kayaks, and new water ways that they are able to access and explore.