Curatorial Internship

Two staff wearing protective clothing and glasses work in a laboratory.

The curatorial intern working with a long-time park volunteer.


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Mount Rainier National Park's Curatorial staff had one intern from Evergreen College who was taught primarily about natural history curation but also did a little cultural history curation. Her projects included: Conducting the annual museum property inventory: Locating all of the artifacts, archives, and natural history specimens listed on the annual inventory as well as all of the associated paperwork; Re-housing natural history specimens: Rotated specimens through the sub-zero freezers to kill pests, vacuumed them, and then prepared them for long-term storage; Monitoring the environments in all park facilities housing museum collections to record the temperature, Relative Humidity, Visible Light, and Ultra Violet light levels; Pest monitoring: specifically setting and collecting insect traps to monitor for insects that damage museum artifacts; Assisted with the conservation of the natural history educational collection: Removed specimens from exhibit, took them to the Burke for treatment and removal of existing mount, remounted the specimens onto artificial materials to meet NPS standards, and reinstalled the mounts into the exhibits which included updating the look to the exhibit by adding artificial vegetation to the exhibit cases; Created an SOP on MORA Curatorial Hantavirus Procedures that was approved by the MORA Safety Officer; Re-housed the wet specimens that contained hazardous chemicals into new borosilicate glass vials with vapor barrier screw caps and a Reagent alcohol solution.