Kingsley Plantation Audio Tour

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Visitors enjoying the audio program.

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The Timucuan Preserve introduced a new multimedia interpretive tour in May of 2013.  Park management was seeking an experience whereby the visitor, could be immersed in an interpretive story, without having to be distracted by operation of an electronic device. The project faced a myriad of challenges including interpreting the sensitive issue of slavery, finding the appropriate delivery device, and providing an immersive experience for visitors.

The story of Kingsley Plantation is a story of perseverance; the human spirit surviving the most dehumanizing conditions of slavery.  However, the present day setting of this national park site is idyllic and very peaceful, which provides Interpretation with the difficult challenge of telling a horrible story in a place of most amazing beauty.

The powerful and compelling script entitled "The Lion's Storyteller" was coupled with dynamic voice talents to create a compassionate and moving story.  To make the tour more fully immersive, sound effects tracks were created to play between each triggered stop.  The sound effect tracks are ambient sounds, one would expect to hear at different locations on the plantation grounds, and change based on the GPS location of the listener.

Another challenge was how to deliver this program without taking the visitor out of the story.  The park decided to deliver the program via a device using the Apple iOS operating system to automate the tour without running underground cabling through the sensitive archeological site.  The program leverages the Global Positioning System (GPS), utilizing the GPS location function of the iOS device to trigger the program automatically as the visitor approaches each tour stop.  This eliminated the need to bury cabling around the Plantation grounds.

Park management is extremely pleased and proud of the audio tour.  It is a moving story that provides the visitor a sense of the pain and suffering, as well as the overwhelming spirit to survive, held by those people enslaved at Kingsley Plantation.