“Lowell Walks”

Lowell Walks

Lowell Walks at Ecumenical Plaza in the "Acre."


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Parks for People
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Through Lowell National Historical Parks “Bringing the Parks to the People” series, the park co-hosted a series of community outreach events at neighborhood parks including pop-up museums, neighborhood tours co-hosted by local historian Dick Howe through “Lowell Walks” and a community weaving project made of fabric contributed by residents. Staff invited community members to bring a strip of fabric from their home which represents who they are, their family, their culture and/or their heritage. The community members wove the fabric into an assembled structure present at each park event. The goal of the project was to display the rich history and diversity of the communities in Lowell. The structure was then incorporated with other pieces from throughout the City of Lowell and placed on displayed at the Lowell NHP Founder’s Day event on Saturday August 27, 2016 in Boarding House Park.