Operational Leadership in Action

Park Ranger Rebecca Jones Macko leads a hike.

Park Ranger Rebecca Jones Macko leads a hike in CVNP.

NPS/ Ted Toth

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Play it Safe
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In 2012, National Park Service staff and Cuyahoga Valley National Park volunteers received Operation Leadership (OL) training in risk management..

The benefits of OL were soon used in the field. In December, Rebecca Jones Macko, an interpretive park ranger, was awarded the park's Safety Award for her awareness and responsiveness while leading a group hike. She reported and kept visitors away from a suspicious bottle that was later determined to be hazardous waste from a meth lab. "After Operational Leadership training, I had a heightened awareness of my surroundings. The training makes you think through things so when something doesn't look right, it's better to report and be safe than sorry," said Jones Macko.