Gulf Islands Civil War Kids

Civil War Kids, Gulf Islands National Seashore

Civil War Kids, Gulf Islands

Beckie Mims

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Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida, is home to four forts surrounding Pensacola Bay. Northern and southern troops occupied Fort Pickens and Fort Barrancas during the Civil War. Much has been taught about the Union and Southern soldier, but little about the homefront where the remainder of the family carried on the daily tasks.

Life during the 1800s in America was already difficult for many people. Of course there were rich factory owners in the North and plantation owners in the South, but the average farmer and his family worked extremely hard just to survive. The women were left at home to work the farm or to find jobs and support the family on their own. This program allows kids to step back into time and learn what role they played in their past - back in the "good ole days."