2018: 50th Anniversary of Redwood National Park

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NPS: M Lockwood.

For five decades, Redwood National Park has been a part of the local community, regional economy and global environmental movement. We have a complicated and passionate human story - and not always an easy one to tell. There are so many views on what the creation of the park meant - and what the park means today.

Redwood National Park will be offering a variety of in-park special events to celebrate our 50th anniversary. You can find them on our park calendar.

We are working with local communities and partners like Redwood Parks Conservancy to bring a wide variety of exhibits, cultural opportunities and redwood experiences to the local areas too. Be sure to check their calendar of events happening outside the park.

This year is also the 100th anniversary of Save The Redwoods League. The League is a very important conservation partner, and since 1918 they have been protecting and preserving redwood forests. This year, all across Northern California, the League is offering a variety of free passes and "Second Saturday" events.

We invite you all to join in for this special year. There is so much to celebrate!


50th Anniversary Partners

Events and activities for our 50th Anniversary would not be possible without the amazing support and energy of local people and organisations coming together to leverage our different skills, interests, facilities, time and talent. Thankyou partners!

Redwood Parks Conservancy (RPC)
RPC will take the lead with much of the planning and co-ordination of off-site events for this special year.

Save The Redwoods League (STRL)
STRL have always been a partner with the park, and this year happens to be their 100th anniversary! STRL are providing a wide range of redwood events across Northern California, as well as helping the park and RPC host local events.

Humboldt State University (HSU)
HSU students are researching, finding and archiving an amazing variety of historical resources, images and documents that relate to the controversy and creation of the national park. This collection of HSU resources is far beyond what that the national park's archives have. These on-line collections will be freely available to the public in summer 2018.

Humboldt County
A summer series of museum exhibits specifically about Redwood National Park are planned by Eureka's Clarke Museum and Morris Graves Museum. This spring there will also be redwood related booths and events at Sequoia Park Zoo.

Del Norte County
There will be anniversary events being held by Del Norte County partners - stay tuned!


Upcoming Events

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Saturday April 7th. Restoration Celebration

Come join the Watershed Stewards Program at Redwood National Park for a day of fun and feel-good activities. Help maintain habitat for Coho salmon!

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