Redwood Creek Symposium

The Redwood Creek Symposium convened in Orick, California on December 10, 2014. Researchers and agency personnel presented current information, including: physical and biological aquatic studies, evolving threats to current ecological systems, and the dynamic climate within the Redwood Creek watershed. Attendees included community members, researchers, agency personnel, NGO staff and other interested parties. Following the presentations, a discussion took place to identify research, management, action, and data needs in relation to drought and climate variability for the watershed.

The symposium, funded by the California Department of Conservation and organized by Pacific Coast Fish, Wildlife and Wetlands Restoration Association, was an opportunity to network, collaborate, and share ideas about the past and current conditions, as well as the future of the Redwood Creek watershed with a variety of perspectives. The Redwood Creek Symposium Proceedings (PDF, 1.9 MB) was compiled by Pacific Coast Fish, Wildlife and Wetlands Restoration Association and contains abstracts from each presenter and a summary of the needs discussion. The list below contains links to PDFs of the available symposium presentations.


Topic Space Title Presenter
Long-term Trends in Channel Response and Stream Temperature in Redwood Creek (8.7 MB)

Vicki Ozaki
Redwood National & State Parks
50 Years Later - The Legacy of the 1964 Flood in the Redwood Creek Watershed (2.8 MB)

Mary Ann Madej
U.S. Geological Survey Emerita
Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates
Status of Summer Steelhead in Mainstem Redwood Creek (3.3 MB)

David Anderson
Redwood National & State Parks
Impacts of Drought on Streamflow, Adult Chinook Salmon Upstream Migration, and Smolt Production within the Redwood Creek Basin (2.0 MB)

Mike Sparkman
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Prairie Creek Sub-basin Coho Life Cycle Monitoring, 1998-2013 (0.8 MB)

Walt Duffy
Humboldt State University &
U.S. Geological Survey Emeritus
Status of Western Pearlshell Freshwater Mussels in Lower Redwood Creek - An Indicator of Watershed Health and Recovery (0.8 MB)

Keith Bensen
Redwood National & State Parks
Threats and Issues
Sudden Oak Death in the Redwood Creek Watershed and Potential Drought Impacts (7.6 MB)

Daniel Stark & Brendan Twieg
UC Cooperative Extension
Does Water Chemistry Limit the Distribution of New Zealand Mud Snails in Redwood National Park? (0.9 MB)

Darren Ward
Humboldt State University
Impacts of Surface Water Diversions for Marijuana Cultivation on Aquatic Habitat in Four Northwestern California Watersheds (9.8 MB)

Scott Bauer
California Department of Fish & Wildlife
Climate, Fire and Forests in the 21st Century at Redwood Creek (2.1 MB)

Phil van Mantgem
U.S. Geological Survey, WERC
Drought Analysis using the USGS Basin Characterization Model (preliminary, not available for posting)

Jenny Curtis
U.S. Geological Survey
El Niño / Southern Oscillation (ENSO) - What does it mean for us and is El Nino still coming? (1.3 MB)

Troy Nicolini
National Weather Service
Climate Change on the North Coast: A Few Things to Consider (3.6 MB) Michael Furniss
U.S. Forest Service, Redwood Sciences Laboratory (retired); MJ Furniss & Associates

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