• NCR Regional Archeology Program

    NCR Regional Archeology Program


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Archeology is a fascinating field for children and adults alike. Archeologists study our past through the materials that our ancestors left behind. These may be prehistoric materials such as arrowheads or food processing tools, or bullets from the Civil War, or ceramics, glass and other domestic and architectural materials. But how do archeologists interpret these remains? Below are links to National Park Service and other sites which help explain archeology and what archeologists do. Many of these sites are geared to educators and several have lesson plans that can be adapted to your needs:

Students learn about archeology at Monocacy NB

Students learn about archeology at Monocacy National Battlefield near Frederick, MD.

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Please help us preserve our national heritage for everyone. Pass the word: Unauthorized metal detecting and artifact collecting are strictly forbidden in all parks and on all other federal property. Thank you.