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    NCR Regional Archeology Program


For Kids - Skeleton Bone Identification

Archeologists examine bones to learn about people and the past. Human bones can tell us who a person was, what kind of work they did, and how healthy they were. Animal bones can tell us what people ate and how they used animals. The scientific names that archeologists use for human bones are attached to the the skeleton below. Match them to their common names.

Drag the bone's common name to match its body part and scientific name:
Chest Bone
Hand Bones
Foot Bones
Lower Arm Bones
Neck Bones
Skull = ?
Thigh Bone
Upper Arm Bone

Cranium –
Mandible –
Clavicle –
Sternum –
Femur –
Patella –
Tibia & Fibula –
Our Friendly Skeleton
Cervicle Vertebrae –
Humerus –
Carpals & Metacarpals –
Radius & Ulna –
Vertebral Column –
Pelvis –
Tarsals & Metatarsals –

Hey kids! Please help us preserve our cultural resources for everyone. Pass the word: Metal detecting and artifact collecting without permission are strictly forbidden in all parks and on all other federal property. Thank you.