• NCR Regional Archeology Program

    NCR Regional Archeology Program


For Kids

Hi! Are you interested in what archeologists do and how they find out about our ancestors and the way they lived? Check out the video below to see what archeologists in the National Park Service do and how they answered questions about the past at a park in Maryland.


Archeology for Kids (Kids.gov)

More Fun

  • Check out Playthings of the Past. Learn about toys that have been found at archeology sites around the Washington, D.C. area, maybe some like your mom or dad may have played with.
  • Download our Protecting Archeological Resources activity booklet to learn more about what archeologists do – finding sites, protecting and interpreting them, as well as identifying and analyzing artifacts.
  • Learn how Dr. Stephen Potter, NCR Regional Archeologist, first became interested in archeology as a young boy. (Washington Post Magazine, March 24, 2002)
  • Check out more of what archeologists do in the National Park Service at
    Archeology for Kids. NPS-site link
  • Out of This World – How Virginia high school students created an archeology "field trip" for TV that reached five million students. (Federal Archeology Program Report, March 1999)
  • Kids.gov is a site for kids to learn about a variety of subjects (including archeology), jobs, and more. 
  • Learn about the Mystery Men of the Irish Brigade, an article about archeology at Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland from dig magazine (Civil War Battlefields, February 2004 – PDF format 5MB).*
  • Read History's Mysteries Revealed, and learn about research at Manassas National Battlefield Park in Virginia from Cobblestone magazine (Manassas - Tale of Two Civil War Battles, November 2005 – PDF format 2.4MB).*
  • Take a look at the online site for dig, a magazine about archeology. 

Places to See (around Washington, D.C.)

Get Involved!

  • Montgomery Parks.org in Maryland has a full line-up of events, camps, and volunteer opportunities.
  • There is also an Archeology Club open to high school students and based at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland.
  • Future Anthropologists! If you're thinking about studying archeology or anthropology, check out this resource at the American Anthropological Association.

Games (for our younger friends!)

Kids, do you know of other sites that may be of interest to your friends? Please let us know.

Hey kids! Please help us preserve our cultural resources for everyone. Pass the word: Metal detecting and artifact collecting without permission are strictly forbidden in all parks and on all other federal property. Thank you.

* Reproduced with permission – Cobblestone Publishing.