• NCR Regional Archeology Program

    NCR Regional Archeology Program


Archeology & You

Archeologists Excavating a Site

Whether you are a professional archeologist who endeavors to learn about our past through research and field work, or perhaps an avocational archeologist who is looking to learn more about volunteer opportunities, or even someone who has read about interesting discoveries – we all are affected by our past. Indeed, we all are stewards of our cultural heritage and need to work together to protect it.

In your national parks, there are many opportunities to explore, learn, and get involved. Check out volunteer opportunities and how you can help protect our precious cultural resources. Learn about what artifacts can tell us and about the everyday tools archeologists use and some a little more cutting-edge that help them do their work.

Someday, hundreds of years from now, an archeologist may be excavating a site where we lived and worked. What will they learn about us?

Unauthorized metal detecting and artifact collecting are strictly forbidden
in all parks and on all other federal property.