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Rock Creek Park

The park encompasses approximately 3,000 acres in northwest Washington, D.C. Before the park was established in the 1890s the land was inhabited for thousands of years. Ancient Native Americans camped at numerous sites within the present-day park. Domestic sites dating to the 1700s have been found at the park and several Civil War-era forts were built here to defend Washington. From 2003-2007, an archeological survey of the park was funded by the NPS and conducted by The Louis Berger Group, Inc.

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Books about Archeology in Rock Creek

  • Bold, Rocky, & Picturesque: The Archeology and History of Rock Creek Park
    by John Bedell, Stuart Fiedel, and Charles LeeDecker
    Rock Creek Park has served many uses over thousands of years. This book presents a narrative of the prehistory and history of the park, based on archival and archeological field investigations, and is intended for the nontechnical reader. It sells for $20.95 and is available at the Rock Creek Park Nature Center, Peirce Barn, and The Old Stone House in Georgetown. You can also purchase it online at www.eParks.com .